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  1. Backup flooding your home? Call for an Emergency Plumber Anaheim to help 24/7.
  2. We always provide you a completely FREE Estimate to fix your plumbing.
  3. Happy to service all your plumbing needs, your satisfaction is guaranteed.
  4. Competitive upfront pricing provided prior to repairs, never hidden costs!
  5. Staffing only Experienced Anaheim Plumbers, serving Orange County for decades.
  6. Taking care of all Residential and Commercial Anaheim plumbing jobs!
  7. Drains, clogs, leaking water heater, new construction, we handle any plumbing.
  8. Personal service meaning lower prices for you from our Family Owned business.
  9. Our plumbers in Anaheim CA give a special discount to Seniors & our Military.
  10. We accept all major credit cards, cash, & checks for your convenience.

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• Residential Plumbing • Commercial Plumbing • Industrial Plumbing • Faucet & Fixtures • Drain Cleaning • Sewer Lines • Water Heaters • Sump Pumps • Toilets • Showers • Tankless Water Heater • Slab Leaks • Water Softeners • RO – Reverse Osmosis • Garbage Disposals • Icemaker Installation • Trenchless Sewer Repair • Well Pumps • Bath-Kitchen Remodels • New Construction • Rough-In’s • Tenant Improvements • Frozen Pipes • Gas Lines • Water Lines • Re-Piping • Valves • Sinks & Basins • Irrigation – Excavation • Dishwasher Installation • Gas Stove Installation • Plumbing Code Compliance • Grease Traps • Lavatories-Urinals • Water Mains • Green Plumbing Services • Leak Detection • Clogs • Low Water Pressure • Gas Pressure Testing • Floor Drains • Re-Locate Laundry • Hose-Bibs • Outdoor Plumbing • Insta-Hots • Video Camera Inspections • High Pressure Jetting • Blockage – Root Removal • Pipe Rejuvenation • Water Fountains • And MUCH More…Call Now!

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Emergency Plumber Anaheim When Timing is Critical

Murphy's Law says that "anything that can go wrong, will go wrong", and that is definitely the case when it comes to the plumbing in our home or office. Our pipes and drains are the most used items in our home during the day to day activities, all the same they are the least thought of. If we stop and think about the level of use, and often abuse, our plumbing endures it should not come as a surprise when something goes wrong. Yet, inevitably we are always caught off guard when it does. It is times like these that we start the frantic search for a plumber to fix the problem as fast as possible. Look no further, Anaheim Plumbing is here to complete any of your plumbing needs in a fast, effective and inexpensive manor. With many years of experience our Anaheim Plumbers are equipped to handle any absolutely any issue you may face from an annoying clogged drain to the ruptured water line under your floor. Call us anytime day or night for immediate response.

Plumbing disasters come at the most inconvenient and unexpected times, like a pipe bursting inside the wall of your home at 3:00 am. First and foremost it is very important not to panic, these things happen and if you are mentally prepared you can take actions to minimize the damage the broken pipe could cause in your home and to your belongings. Of course the first thing to do in this situation is to make sure all the people and pets in the house are away from the flooded area. Second and third, turn off the main water supply to the area of pipe that has burst. It is very important to know where all of the water shut off valves are for your home. While at the same time moving all the valuables and things that are not replaceable so that they are not ruined. Finally, call in a professional clean up team and a professional plumber like Anaheim Plumbing to fix the damaged pipes and restore your water.

Where we are taking care of all your Residential and Commercial plumbing needs, Plumber Anaheim is a full service Plumber. A brief list of the jobs we can do for you... Electric-Gas Hot Water Heaters/Tankless install/repair. Sewer cleaning, Backflow prevention devices servicing. Trenchless Sewer Pipe Repair/Relining/Cleaning. Sewer Line Locate, Video Cam Inspection, Hydrojetting. Leak Detection, Slab Leaks, Clean-outs, Grease Traps. Water Lines, Gas Lines, Sewer Lines, Irrigation Lines. Reverse Osmosis, Water Treatment/Purification. Toilet Installation, Repair, Replacement and Unclogging. Faucets, Kitchen/Bath, Install/Repair/Replacement. Shower/Bathtub Installation, Repair and Replacement. Kitchen/Bathroom Sinks, Tub & Laundry Sink Service. Floor Drains, Dishwashers, Garbage Disposal Install. No Matter what plumbing situation you face, Day or Night, Anaheim Plumbing will be there to rescue you anywhere in Orange County. Low Prices and Full Service Plumbers Anaheim CA are always your answer. Didn't see the service you need? Call us or visit our more detailed Services Page, this is just a few of the jobs we can do for you

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